Arranging Sightseeing Tours With BusLiner

Any touristic trip is impossible without visiting top sightseeing locations. Aside from planning itineraries and looking for entry tickets to the most popular exhibitions and museums, logistics should be taken care of especially if you are arranging sightseeing tours for groups. This where a charter bus for rent will come to rescue. With BusLiner, you may have no worries about the group, every passenger will be reliably taken care of. Why choose this rental company and what are the advantages of a sightseeing bus charter?

Sightseeing tours charter bus Busliner

Why a Rented Sightseeing Bus is the Best Option for a Group?

If you a travel manager, you know that arrangement of logistics is crucial for groups. The better these services are rendered, the more chances that these tourists will recommend your agency. Organizing a trip for your friends and relatives, you may feel even more responsible. If you decide to hire buses for sightseeing, here are the key benefits of this solution:

  • No one from a group should drive: everyone will enjoy this trip in full and can relax in comfortable charter buses.
  • The whole group will enter the bus and leave it in an organized way, therefore, no one can be lost.
  • Time won’t be lost in traffic jams in Seattle, Washington, or any other city or state: having the itinerary, a driver will opt the most optimum route so that not to cross the busiest streets.
  • Also, a driver will know where parking lots are located, therefore, you won’t search for them, waste your time or money on penalties if you park in the wrong place.
  • With charter bus services, any sightseeing tour will be flexible: if you have driven by a beautiful place, you can always ask to make an unplanned stop to take pictures or admire the view.

So, considering the rental of buses for tours in Seattle, WA, or across the country and even in Canada is undeniably a convenient solution that will be appreciated by tourists.

What Will You Get From a Sightseeing Charter Bus Rental in Seattle?

BusLiner is a Seattle based company providing all the rental bus services within the Washington state and beyond. The company is experienced working in the niche since 2006. That is why the employees of BusLiner know what is needed when sightseeing charter bus rental services are required.

  1. A tour can be arranged for small and large groups because the company offers minibusses with 24 seats to big coaches up to 56 passengers.
  2. Every traveler will be comfortably located on reclining seats with foot supports and armrests so, using the nighttime to get to another city is possible. Larger coaches are also equipped with WC and flat-screen TVs.
  3. The safety of passengers is not threatened because every driver is strictly following the DOT regulations while busses are equipped with all the safety means. All the BusLiner drivers are CDL licensed to operate motorcoaches with 10+ years of similar experience; they are trained as per USDOT standards.
  4. The company works 24/7 to make sure that travelers are completely satisfied with the services, as well as rentals can be arranged even at the last minute.

Just Give Us a Call and the Question of Logistics will Be Solved!

If you are looking for a bus for a sightseeing tour, no time can be lost. There is so much to take care of: sights to visit, estimate the whole budget, find a guide, book tickets, etc. At BusLiner, we understand this. That is why our managers are available around-the-clock to answer any questions you may have and process requests and orders. 

You may fill in the form on the site by clicking the button To get a quote. When our representative calls you, your conversation will be more informative due to having background data. If you are in a hurry or arranging last-minute sightseeing tours, give us a call at 425-3465332, and we will do our best to provide you with the optimum solution. BusLiner will take care of every passenger on the board!


Wedding charter bus

Benefits of choosing a BusLiner charter bus for a wedding:
Any number of guests will arrive at the hotel, restaurant, or another location on time and together. No need to look for a free parking lot. When a party is over, a charter bus for wedding guests will take care of delivering them safely after cocktails and champagne.

Airport charter

We will pick you up from the airport, take you to anywhere in the USA and Canada, and then take you back to the airport.

Corporate charter bus

With BusLiner corporate bus rentals, you will find a vehicle meeting your requirements and expectations. You can rent a minibus for a group of 24 people, while for larger companies, we can offer a comfortable Setra or Prevost bus that can accommodate up to 55 or 56 people respectively.

Church events

The available fleet can transport medium to large groups of people.
Everyone will get to the destination at the same time according to the agreed schedule.
You can control that every passenger is on the board and is safe, especially if you are arranging a church school group of kids.
On the board of a charter bus, every group member will enjoy the trip having the possibility to entertain or have rest on the way to the destination.

Charter bus for school and college trips

Our fleet is equipped with comfortable buses that are ideal for sightseeing and local trips. And drivers adhere to the DRIVER HOURS OF SERVICE REGULATIONS

Sports team charter bus

The benefits of a team charter bus cannot be underestimated:

Every team member will get to the stadium or another location on time
All the necessary equipment can be taken with without the necessity to carry it somehow
Traveling in a sports team charter bus, a group may have fun that will strengthen the team spirit
If the trip is long beyond Seattle, WA, sportspeople will have the possibility to relax and have rest before an important game or competition
Seats are comfortable to even the highest athletes who won’t experience inconveniences like on public transport or low-cost flights

Last minute charter bus

Whether you need a transportation service in a few hours or a few days we are always ready to offer the bus per your request.

Ski resorts charter

Renting a ski bus, clients enjoy the below benefits:

Arriving at any airport, be sure that you will be met and picked up
You won’t have to worry about your skiing equipment if you take your own with you as there will be enough space to locate it and all the luggage
You won’t be tired when you get to the destination because the seats are comfortable and you may have rest on the way to the ski resort
Bus rental services are the best solutions for groups of tourists who will not have to split or order taxis, which will be more expensive

Cruise line transfers

With BusLiner, you can be sure that your tourists:
Will get to the port as a whole group: no one will get lost;
Won’t be stuck in traffic jams because charter bus drivers won’t make unnecessary circles;
Will feel comfortable that is especially important if they have just landed in the airport of Seattle, Washington.

Your event charter bus

Renting a charter bus will significantly simplify the logistics and coordination of a group of people. So if you are arranging a private party, family reunion, or just going outside the city with your friends, our event charter bus will be of great service to you. Plan your route and timing and do not be dependent on other people or public transport schedules.