Frequently Asked Questions

What details do I need to know before booking a charter bus?

It’s your advantage to provide all trip details before booking to get best possible rate, then to avoid extra charges for additional service or changes after booking.

Where do you get your Seattle buses from?

Our buses are based in the Great Seattle Area.

Can Busliner rental accommodate handicapped passengers?

Yes, we have provide ADA bus. Just let us know when you do booking with us.

How do I rent a bus in Seattle with a driver?

Please submit the QUOTE REQUEST as early as you have your itinerary.

Can I rent a Busliner charter bus without a driver?

No, Federal Safety Regulation doesn’t allow any charter bus companies to rent buses without company’s driver.

What kind of bus rentals can I book in Seattle?

You can get any kind of bus rentals in Seattle for any size of groups. Please complete your itinerary before booking.

How soon do I have to book my charter bus rental in Seattle?

We recommend to submit your quote request as soon as you know you need a charter bus transportation service. Earlier is better. Usually groups are making bookings from one week up to six months in advance.

Is there a discount for renting more then one bus?

Yes, usually we give around 5% discount on a second bus it it’s ordered on a same multi-bus contract.

What determines the price of a Seattle charter bus rental?

Rates are depend on: timing, distance, road chosen, size and type of bus, type of group, way to use our service and many other things.

Are charter bus prices the same throughout the year?

No, rates are different. We lower our rates during the slow time. We quote every trip individually.

If I don’t need the bus for the whole day, do I still need to pay for it all day?

It depends. If you pre-ordered your bus for entire day then you aren’t using it as you planned, you won’t get any refund for unused time or mileage. All timings must be preset in our trip signed contract. If you will need to use our service more than it had been pre-ordered, it will cost more. We recommend to order extra time in advance, because bus might not be available for extension to avoid overlapping with another trips.

What if my trip runs longer than expected?

We recommend you to contract your driver and our dispatcher as soon as you know that you need our bus for more time or mileage. Our dispatcher will confirm if bus is available for extended service and you will be charged for extra service.

What if my bus is late or has a breakdown?

If your bus is late for a pickup at original point, we recommend our drivers to call a group leader as early as possible. We aren’t responsible for any delaying during a trip for any reason. In case of breakdown, we replace a bus without extra cost.

What is the refund policy?

We refund your down payment based on a signed contract between you and BusLiner.

Can we take food or drinks and alcoholic beverages on the charter buses?

Yes, you can bring on board your food/drinks with an extra cleaning/damage prepaid deposit of $500-$1,500. Cleaning/damage deposit is refundable after trip if no any cleaning/damage issues during a trip. We must get this special request from you in your quote request. Usually these trips are higher for 20%-40%. In addition to that, you are required to obtain your drinking permit from a state authority. It must be done before a trip starts. Printed permit must be on hands during a trip.

Is the group responsible for the driver's meals and lodging?

Group should provide driver’s lodging with bus parking next to hotel. Please check with driver’s hotel to have a reserved parking for your bus on hotel’s property. Street parking might not be an option due to a city regulations. Please keep in mind that bus needs 50×10 feet space and 12.5 feet high clearance.

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